Dr. Fabio A. Ramirez T.

I´m a surgeon of the University of Caldas, currently dedicated to facilitate healing processes at an emotional, spiritual and physical level in people. For this, I have relied on the ancient knowledge of our indigenous cultures for more than 30 years. My job today is to support personal development processes where the people can see and understand for themselves the origin of the disease in order to start a self-healing process.

Okuirede Medicine (OKM)

This Huitoto word means to be aware. It is a model for development and human potential with an emphasis on prevention and heal of diseases, it is a therapeutic and spiritual liberation based on the pharmacological potency inherent to human nature. It involves prevention and self-care and concentration of self healing forces.
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In order to transform the fear into power, first we must LEARN TO FOCUS.
Focus meaning inhabit our body and live the moment. In amazonian traditions it is said that to focus is to be able to live in spite of doubt and fear
The Okuirede Medicine has taught us how to focus with certain postures.