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Does Colombia hold the Key for the World Peace?




By Fabio Alberto Ramirez T. MD


On 14 February 1999, at the headquarters of the Colombian Ethnic Medicine Foundation (FCE) outside Bogota, nineteen middle and upper class Colombians, most of us professionals, had a meeting. We wanted to find out from one of the last sages of the Amazon rainforests, from the region of Araracuara, about the knowledge of the world, of oneself, and of the cure for diseases by the use of THE WORD. The sage’s Spanish name was Oscar Roman and he was old. He had said to his disciples that although at the moment his health was perfect, he would soon disappear, so it was crucial to receive his teachings while he was still with us. He arrived with a son and two ‘nephews’. Among the Huitotos ‘uncle’ and ‘nephew’ are terms of respect and refer to members of the community.